Let’s use G Power for SEO campaign - Sujit


Google comes with lots of emerging and innovative services which brings web towards you.
Such powerful web services help you to boost online presence on web.
Even making use of it you can organize your Search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.

Let’s Look

Google.com : Search and “Add url” services to submit your sites in Google

Google Video: Submitting a Video with your services and descriptions helps you to present yourself in a different way; it also comes in search engine results even on high ranks.

Google webmaster: when we talking about such a web tool for SEO Nothing can be better than Google webmaster. It gives features as crawl errors, sitemap submissions, top search
query, robots validation, geographical target settings, domain canonical issue, navigation error, dead links reports and webmaster guidelines & Helps.

Google Analytics: Google provides a tool for site statistics tracker tools. Easy to use comes with lots of features easy customizable, report generation & export facility, user assignments various innovative features provided to track your websites, blogs etc. on the web.

Google Knol: Google knowledge share; more than a article publishing platform. Share, View, search and publish publicly on web.

Google reader: Organize & view Favorite Feeds on a personalized way.

Google images: Google also indexed your images as well as content; it points out your site in image searches.

Google Notebook: Let organize your works, short notes, anything also make public your notes as a separate url.

Google groups: create join, invite & introduce yourself as a group, and start discussion and get more interaction with peoples.

Orkut: Very famous social network site provided by Google by making use of it, you can attract & target your visitors with social networking participations.

Google Local Business: Keep you visible in local search engine listings using Google Local Business, Free offered services by Google.

Google Blog service: Blogger is a Google provided blogging platform, a popular & powerful blogging tool providing lots of features easy customizable, full range of widgets & various new options.

Google bookmarks: Just save your favorite url on one place as a organized collection with labels & keep safe for forever just use Google bookmarks.

These are Few Free G services that you can used for Your I-marketing campaigns, Lots them of waiting for you, Discover them……………..

Article Written By: Sujit Kumar Lucky (SEO SMO Analyst)


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