Blogger: Give a new definition to your blogging


Blogger is a very nice platform for blogging provide by Google.
Now some Tips To Make Your blog more attractive sensitive & popular.
you can just copy template code & paste in your blogger account like:

layout>>edit html>>paste your code>>save
  • Useful gadgets: You can create your blog more versatile & customizable through gadgets like: link gadget, twitter gadget, adsense, text, javascript etc.
layout>>add gadget>>choose>>save
  • Seo factor: Now finally you want to attract visitors from search engines & want to see you blog on search just little some changes in
Now make following changes in your templates

layout>>edit html>>

Sujit Kumar Lucky Seo BlogFinally save your template and just exchange your link from other places using your link gadget, post your blog with a good content using appropriate labels. soon google index your blog & you find himself on search with a stylish beautiful blog.

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