World CUP Social Fever - I have 108 Degree


"Wheels are running" – technology ameliorated human life to think beyond moon and mars.

Just 9 Days To Go to Jump into Mega Event of Gentleman Game...World Suffers with this Social fever of world cup...

it’s all influenced with socialize era of WEB Enhancement excelled year by year .

People all around from world Buzzing, tweeting, Gossiping because now they have a Upfront loud speaker place to share, show aggression, show emotion … act , react everything ..

what makes the difference: 2007 Vs 2011 WEB ( in world CUP)

Twitter :

2007 : 20,000 tweets per day , 70,000 registered User applications
2011: 95M million tweets are written per day, 175 million registered user, Twitter search, Twitter Tools, Trends, Mobile Tweets, etc..

2007 - over 50 million active users
2011 - Facebook reaches over 500 million active users , Facebook Pages, Mobile Social apps, Like , image , video, comment share etc..

2007 - open up Gmail to everyone
2011 - Google Buzz, Google Real Time Search , mobile Search, news, alert, Blog etc..

Peoples occupied with Virtual Technophobia ... no one untouched ..

To see World CUP on WEB ...

I have 108 Degree of WEB fevers whats urs ????

"You can not teach a man anything; you can help him find it within himself "

Posted : Sujit Kumar Lucky


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