Facebook New Image LightBox Update- So what Next From Them??


Images , Pictures always a Fascinating Element On Web .

Wow ! Cool - These are the expression by most of Facbook Lovers , when they Clicked on any Images on Facebook Profile.

Personally I like this Update ..

Here is Quick View

- You are not leaving the Current pages when u clicked on any Image,(previously you switched on image origin Page)
- Full of Image Sharing Features on First View
- Tagging, Rotate, comment, share keep etc.. as well before
- Download : New feature Introduced to downlaod image directly clicking on it.
- Monetize Attention - Well Take Care by FB Team
- Use as Full Slideshow Album with Next-Prev Buttons

But there is another side .. some web user want to keep it simple as before ..

Here is a My FB Friend Says :

"I somehow hate this new feature in facebook which puts up the photo on top of everything else on clicking a photo posted...."

So what You Think ???

Posted: Sujit


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