SEO ON-Page Interlink Your Page using Dreamweaver Regular expression check


Interlinking of web pages a great way to making a chain hub of similar related contents ; but this is not a easy task making a best recommendation zone of content , keywords and page co-relation.

A link diversity and balancing link plan stretching your head to remember what exactly to be linked and where to be linked and how much..

Now In ON-Page - How to use Dreamweaver Find, Replace and regular expression functionality for SEO webpage Interlinking.

Recently I go through adobe Regular expression guide and got some regular expression find replace tips.
Here is a idea how these regular expression helps you in SEO.

How To search specific category in content to putting a perfect interlink there;

Find: category1*|category2*|category3*|category4*

Advance Replace InterLinking with Regular Expression

Find: (Keyword1*)|(Keyword2*)
Replace:<a href="#">$1$2</a>

On Page Content Optimization using Dreamweaver Regular Expression Find Replace

Find : (seo)|(smo)|(PPC)
Replace: <b>$1$2</b>

Above is just a few examples... be innovative and explore more ...

Posted : Sujit


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