Bing Search and Facebook Open Graph Protocol Interaction over Google social Circle


As I Previously Discussed Google Social Circle - They establish a social Relation and personalized search flavor and the user behavior history and interoperability among Google products along with search experiences ..

Bing Facebook Collaboration now seen on Bing searches – a new era of social personalization comes in existence with Facebook Bing Data sharing deal between them ..

Bing Results In Facebook Search: Facebook added Bing Search result in the Bottom of his general search, and also added a search tab “Web Results”.

Now In Bing:

You or Your Facebook friend Likes URL which appear on Bing result
Indicated as :

More social View of Your Like Content as: Title, Description, Thumbnail and Facebook Like Indication with profile images

Promoting Users to be more social:

Bing More Detail Tab: A more detail section give a snapshot with “Popular Links” which is most closely collected with Facebook social share and Bing search technology interaction; Twitter also getting links here for social share recommendation.

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