On The Last Evening Of 2010 - Life Recap of a Web Seeker ! !


Search And Social Recap 2010
  • Google Caffeine Came In Existence
  • Google Buzz a New Micro Blogging Place - Competing with Twitter
  • Google Real-time search – fast furious updates
  • Canonical and soft 404 – A Google Update
  • Google Webmaster Comes with Search Statistics and more Updates
  • Google Enhancing search with – Microformat, Microdata, RDF e.g, Rich Snippets, Breadcrumb, Review, HCARD
  • Facebook Vs Google Cold War Started
  • Facebook 500 million users; - A revolutionary world started
  • Facebook Social Like Plugin – Like by Everyone ~ ~ Like it ..
  • Google Semi Automated - Google instant search Launched
  • Google Places placed in Google General search on Top Priority..
  • Google Comes with More result with similar domains
  • Twitter Comes with New Interface and with his goodies – Replacement for Tweetmeme
  • Google Instant Snap preview in search results – Look inside before Click
  • Social Indication for Effect SERP – search and social meet
  • Google HOTPOT – new place for Local search review
MY Life As a web s seeker in 2010
  • My Blogging Continued in 2010 with more frequent Search updates
  • I worked on some Product based sites , faces challenges and derived lots of search techniques, products strategy, team work, knowledge sharing sessions etc..
  • I have done some innovative research with Multisitemap and Multiformat sitemaps
  • I worked on twitter trends and social Real-time engagement
  • I also worked on interlinking research and implementation..
  • I have done some strong analysis on content quality, it scope behavior and user generated content frequency and crawling frequency of sites using it.
  • Engaged myself as team work management, knowledge sharing whiteboard sessions
  • Joined more SEO, Design Development and excel tips blogs for Updates.
  • This year I also worked on some spreadsheet and document presentations
  • Plan...Plan and still in Planning with SMO..
  • Getting some confidence in Conversion and Revenue generation criteria
  • Involved as Active Facebooker, Buzzr and Blogger ..
  • Not So much get closer to Google Analytics ...need to be done in 2011
Last but not least :: on the last evening of 2010

" Several Mistakes done by me professionally and personally
I always accepted my successes, mistakes
and failure .."

Thank you, to my family and friends. And thank you, all of you, whom I'll never meet, for waking up in the morning and going to work...

Thanks dad , For picking me up when I mess up,For encouraging me to do my very best ..For loving me for who I am

It's time to challenge yourself, to rediscover your hidden traits, talents, and tendencies. Several inconvenient questions, which you have swept under the carpet.

Love You All ( Sujit ) ~ Happy New Year !


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