Google Updates Replaced With Realtime ! !


A another day in search .. Webmasters engaged in analyzing is really tweets and social search indication , are parameters to shake SERP.
Not Confident about it .. I go through couples of Site Data which engaged in frequent tweets and they showed their minor deviation ..

Todays I saw : " Google Changes Updates button with Realtime " .
"But still in upper menu it exist as a update .."

Have a Look ~
Google Social and Real Time search also accessible at this URL :

Major Source of Real Time data

# Twitter

Have a Look In Bing Social Search :

Bing social and Realtime search showing similar data representation as Google Realtime ..

It is accessible at ~http://www.bing.com/social

it combined the latest social Trend as : "HOTTEST SOCIAL TOPICS"

Posted: Sujit Kumar Lucky


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