Google Real Time Search Comes Towards More Real Times With Its New Presentation!


Google real time search comes with new real time updates.

A amazing graphical representation really looks nice. When you come through a search query by selecting search option and latest, Updates tab shows you wonder Real search time controller and every minute of updates covered in just away a mouse click.

What a Wonder?

  •   Date, Time and a Timeline Visual Graph.
  •   Timeline selection Tool provides more control on real time content.
  •   Next, Previous and Now buttons, three parameters to get update switching options.
  •   Updates covered from Twitter, Buzz, Facebook, myspace,friendfeed
  • -Top contributions also display in Top links for the dat == created
 Few Things About : Google Announces  he taking  site speed and Performance issue in Rank Consideration.
As I said in my earlier post as 

"New things arrived for the SEO and webmaster to analyze is - Enable gzip compression , How a enable gzip compression implemented and widely used for your web development efforts. and how much this is affect your SEO stuffs".

so crux for above is If Google considering any new things in his services, it is a prior indication about huge Impact which exploited later. 

So keep Enjoying real time search with Google Timeline changing Tool ... 

Posted : Sujit Kumar Lucky( web Analyst - India)


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