Whats New To Do In G SEO Ethics ? Time To Move On


As seen Some updates in Google Webmaster Central Tool

  • Shows Keyword Significance based on
- Site Uses
- User behavior
- LSI Influences

How can these are useful

- The most appropriate density shows a expected keywords criteria where most Significance number shows the best keyword suit for your site.

- Google introduces new Labs where we can find new additional updates and addition in Google Webmaster Central Tool

* Fetch as Googlebot - A smart enhance technology providing Google to check Google bot and crawler behavior with our site, so don't looking for other server header check, simply go with Fetch as Googlebot.

* Malware details - Very useful tools integrated by Google , more useful for these days to monitor virus and malware attacks to site.Most of the site reported as "This site may harm your computer", and finally you looses your search appearances and lots of organic search visitors.So be careful and watchful with these tools.

* Site performance - A New Enhancement with you site performance issues displayed in Google webmaster central, this tool taking page acceleration, load time, page weight and various issues regarding site optimum performance with relevant suggestions.

"New things arrived for the SEO and webmaster to analyze is - Enable gzip compression , How a enable gzip compression implemented and widely used for your web development efforts. and how much this is affect your SEO stuffs".

Posted : Sujit Kumar Lucky( web Analyst - India)


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