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sujitI always interact with my friends with SMS; it resides in my habit now. Even in traveling, office anywhere I always found myself in touch with friends using mostly by 160by2.com services.

Some way of using 160by2.com I already using from two years.

  • Send Message Directly: This is the simplest way of using 160by2.com; you can use with your login and send message to friends.
  • SMS with email: this form of messaging I use mostly when I am in office, it is so simple to use setup your profile with preferred email in 160by2. Send email as mobile-number.user-name @160by2.com,finally it delivered as SMS to your desired number.
  • Mobile Applications: 160by2 also offers mobile applications, it is so simple to use, I like it because I always use it when I am in travel, bus, train. Best when you experiencing your mobile in roaming it allow you to send many messages at very low cost with GPRS or Non GPRS condition both.
  • Reminder, Alerts - wish birthday to your friend or be alert for purchasing gifts on sister birthday, even so more just set alerts and reminders using 160by2.keep your friendship on Rock.
I found 160by2.com is very useful for me, try it out now and keep messaging always…….

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