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You need to fail to become successful !

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The world’s best known basketball player, Michael “Air” Jordan once said that thanks to the many times he failed he became the star that he has become. He got sent away from his team at high school, but that didn’t stop him from practicing continuously and working extremely hard. Through all this exercise he later became maybe the best basketball player ever. If he would have given up he would have never been so successful. All famous people had to deal with lots of failures before becoming the persons we now know. Michael Jordan as well became a lot smarter and experienced because of all his setbacks. So if you want to be successful you better learn how to handle failure and setbacks to come out stronger. This infographic shows that many well known people first had to learn how to handle numerous setbacks before they were successful.

How To Become Successful

About Author: This infographic was created by Anne Blair, an aspiring MBA student who believes this degree will help her to succeed. She can't afford paying an expensive tuition. Therefore she started a blog with reviews of cheap and best MBA programs. Anne's dream is working for an innovative start-up. tags: failure and success, business, innovations

Download Wallpaper of The Weekend – Life Learn To Serve Others!

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Blue Version : Life : Learn To Serve
Red Version :Life : Learn To Serve

Its Time To Move On From Towards SEO ! !

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Hi, It was Good Blogging Time spent on Towards SEO …

Lots of Learning.. Spent a Good time as New Blogger, Social Media Strategist, WEB Seeker, Web Surfer Lots of Role played in Last Two Years.. But it is Not End My friends.. Very thankful to Read my Blog Posts .. And As a web seeker I can’t stop myself from writing more so .. Just entering in New Venture of Blogging and web seeking. I admitted myself on SEOIDIOTS (A Thought Giving Process To Search and Social Media) ..

Onwards Read My Posts on http://www.seoidiots.info

Sujit ( WEB Analyst, Blogger @ SEOIDIOTS )

Is it a Google Change or Bug with Google SERP ??

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A habitual Finger of Search! Wow or a Bug when saw the SERP in Google search. Google Search Places its result as :

New Google SERP:


Old Google SERP:

Posted by : Sujit

Google Panda/Farmer Update 2011 – My Late Revival Story in SEO

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Just Recap N Revival: Why Panda or Farmer?

As it derived in webmaster world with a name "Google Farmer" – More much dealing with Content Creation on such way that it looks like cultivating content just focusing its quality..

Why Panda : "Amit Singhal: Well, we named it internally after an engineer, and his name is Panda" So internally we called a big Panda .."

Mess By Self Proclaimed Gurus:

On this update the observation of Algo changes is not a big concern, because it need some time to observe the overall impact of Rank shuffling, Traffic deviation, final conversions from organic end.. before such things the “ whole vessel filled by buzzs of nonsense talking’s” from self proclaimed Search Gurus and Akas ..

On This Update – webmaster world seems like “Various Thoughts of Several Minds” – while searching the web on this update so many people and webmasters community expressed his view like: ,

  • its about trustworthy content
  • its about quality content
  • Again same saying with new spicy flavor – (LSI, Content Interlinking, content dirichlet allocation, link variation, Pr sculpting so many things combined and served in new packs)

So here is my few Personal Observation : -

  • Google Update is much favor of Dig out Best efforts of webmasters on his website
  • It is much concern to Re-fine the search result in such a mean “quality is concern”
  • It is so so like as De-promote the Un-relevant document from index to retain the integrity of search from Google.
  • To best utilize to deliver quality stuffs which carried out in Tons by Caffeine
  • It’s not all about content, instead of This the whole part of web page and structured object around them play a vital role to derive a WEB page quality.
  • Apart from back link stuff social synchronization is also a factor of Improved Search Appearances .
  • Canonical , Multi Language, Geo Graphical Data , WEB Page speed also taking in Consideration.
  • Discovery and Position of Contents with Easy web Flow Implementation using Microdata(breadcrumb)
  • Avoid such crawling problems like as SOFT 404's Problems
  • Recommendation , Review, Ratings, Comments also create a Authority in Front of search engines.
Recommendations & Search Signals:
  1. Concern about duplicate contents::: Dealing with Duplicate Content Go Inside (My Webmaster Friend suggest a reference on it.)


  • "You something perform some keen observation on web page like a litmus paper test observation to know the exact crawler distortion, scrap elements on web page, highly repetitive elements cause amount of similar stuffs that recognized as Spam/Scrap stuffs."
  • Derive a matrices for User Prospective Data about Reliability and Quality Analysis of Your Web Pages
  • Relevance
  • Uniqueness
  • co-related stuffs
  • Informational Short Precise
So How Question Matrices looks like (e.g. : about a place)

Q. What is History of this place ?

Q. What is the significance of this place ?

Q. Famous spots of this places?

Q. How we reach there ?

Q. Language & Regional Information ?

Q. Currency, Fooding , Lodging Details ?

Q. Helpline Numbers?

Q. Maps and Geographical informations

Ans: Your content fulfill those questions


  1. Don’t use any part of site content use in Any Promotion

  2. Avoid Excessive to do any activity (Even searching for a keywords again n again)

  3. Promote Yourself Naturally instead of Putting Tweaks

  4. Keep time interval in each activity (Submissions or Link Buildings )

  5. Avoid Uses of Meta Contents in Posting / Sharing

  6. Page Links should be a Trustworthy Deal and followed by Self Natural Parameters

  7. Keep Eyes Open with Google webmaster, analyze site health N issues

  8. Pagination/ Canonical still mesh for webmasters
I am Pragmatic in My Working so if you really come over such updates it tooks time to what exactly happen or Just money making search giant policy come in action to keep alive the Existence and share of Paid Searches....

Author : Sujit

More Socialize Celebration of Festival Holi – Colors of WEB !

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Holi, or Holli (Hindi: होली ) - Most Enjoyable Festival of Colors ... ! More N More significance of Festivals Now influenced with Socialize Flavor. So this time Socialization of Holi ..

Starting this socialize celebration of Holi with Google Doodle ..

Search engine celebration of Holi !!

Just a over view Wikipedia content is over weighted by most of Search players by Google, Yahoo, Bing,Ask, AOL, Blekko

Social Real Time celebration of Holi !!

How search more likely celebrating this festival in real time mode, how people putting reactions, wishes on WEB .. have a look on Realtime search social players .. Facebook and Twitter..

So Greetings, Email, SMS Channels, Youtube, Images are most frequent way where people celebrating socialization of Festivals ..

Posted : SUJIT ( WEB Analyst from India)

Facebook Comments - where is Comment Button ??

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Surprise ! ! After a missing facebook day .. come and habitually open the facebook ..
scroll down to friend post to put some comments .. surprised

"Where is comment Button ..? "
So you have to just press Enter to put comments on Facebook !

Posted by : SUJIT

Facebook Less Likes Due To Recent Changes - Weekend Cartoon

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Personally , I feel Facebook Recent changes about Facebook Like button Functionality, it gives user a little hesitation to like a post. Think Twice , Your one like gives a new spread to the post on your profile.

I don't like personally this change, really i appreciate anyone post on web but not want to share every-time like any post .

But another side of this is you got the more traffic to using Facebook like button so .. go ahead ..
Don't Forgot To Like My Post ! ! Hahahahah :)

Posted : SUJIT