More Socialize Celebration of Festival Holi – Colors of WEB !


Holi, or Holli (Hindi: होली ) - Most Enjoyable Festival of Colors ... ! More N More significance of Festivals Now influenced with Socialize Flavor. So this time Socialization of Holi ..

Starting this socialize celebration of Holi with Google Doodle ..

Search engine celebration of Holi !!

Just a over view Wikipedia content is over weighted by most of Search players by Google, Yahoo, Bing,Ask, AOL, Blekko

Social Real Time celebration of Holi !!

How search more likely celebrating this festival in real time mode, how people putting reactions, wishes on WEB .. have a look on Realtime search social players .. Facebook and Twitter..

So Greetings, Email, SMS Channels, Youtube, Images are most frequent way where people celebrating socialization of Festivals ..

Posted : SUJIT ( WEB Analyst from India)


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