When I Go through In Page Analytics: GA Replaced Site Overlay…..


I frequently used Google Analytics Site Overlay Feature…

It gives you option to explore the “Like” & “Unlike” Sections of your webpage..Visitor behavior on web pages links may more data ….

Now Google Changes the Site Overlay feature with Introducing In Page Analytics .

Go Through : GA Dashborad >> Content >> In-Page Analytics

First Look with In Page Analytics

- All previous Features Retained Same.
- First Noticeable thing – In Site overlay, you shifted to site URL in new window and View the data and clicks but in In page Analytics.. Google keeps balls in own coat and you not redirected , instead of it reports and clicks are shown in right…(like Old HTML framesets site..)
- Detailed Click through pattern analysis..
- Toggle Full screen mode.
- ** New... Scrolling Click pattern Statistics
- Best data View using Anchor Tool Tips..
- Discover Top Referrals Inbound Links and Pages.
- Discover Top Referrals Outbound Links and Pages
- Add Filter To Customize reports viewing

Tool Tip :

Scrolling Click pattern :

Posted: Sujit Kumar Lucky


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