Tag A Friend In Google Buzz - Do More In Google Buzz (Tips, Review)


Tagging Friends In Buzz …

Tagging a friend in posts, very common and great feature to engage your friends in your stream; as I described in previous post “Tag Friends in Facebook Post” ..

In Buzz Posting Area just Type @ and initial letter of your friend name … Google buzz suggest email of your friend as :

Do More With Google Buzz Post :

Google Buzz Text Formatting Tips :
  • Bold Text ( *text* ) Eureka
  • Italic Text ( _Text_ ) Eureka
  • Strikethrough Text ( -Text- ) Eureka
Some Posting Related:

Add Video: Directly Insert Video URL in Post or Click On Add Link.

Insert Image: Directly Insert Image URL in Post or Upload Image from your PC/ choose from Picasa Album.

Interesting : Hash Tag (#) Not Work in Google Buzz , but when you set Twitter connection with Buzz, Twitter Imported post in buzz shows Hash(#) Tags …

Note : The Buzz Hash tag take you on Google Real Time search Result for that Keyword…

Your Friend Play Buzzz Buzzz with You ??

Solution : Try Google Buzz Settings …

Grow Buzz Community : Try Buzz Search(Find People)

Add Connected sites to make best of BUZZ .......... Enjoy Buzzing ....

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Buzz 4 Me : Eureka ! Eureka ! Eureka I Really Need eureka..


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