SEO Bookmarklet Pages Started


Today I started a New page on Blog about my SEO Bookmarklet uses and customization experiences..

View It here: SEO SMO Bookmarklets

How These Bookmarklets Helps You :
  • Quickly Calculate Site Cached, Index Pages, Backlinks, Site Saturation , Duplicate Pages, Keywords Definitions and much more things on just a click.
  • Drag N Drop Easy to use with Browser Bookmark Bars..
  • Easy Customizable.
  • Helps You In Daily SEO Analysis , Content Duplicacy check and site performance
How Can You Create Your Own Bookmarklets:
- Just Take a Bookmarklet code and use any text editor.
- Analyse your usability and how search engine or any social media site respond on it, check parameters and query string they used.
- And Finally add those parameters as per requirement into you new Bookmarklet code.

Posted: Sujit Kumar Lucky


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