Bored From Write Monotonous Content ?


Content Writing complementary approach for Your SEO efforts. How to leverage the web resources in your content writing process.Feeling demotivated to write monotonous content ? Here is the Few recommendations to getting new refresh up when you researching for new content on Web.

Source of Content or references:

  1. Articles :
    1. ezinearticles.com
    2. www.buzzle.com
    3. wikipedia.org
    4. www.helium.com

  1. PR & News :
    1. www.prlog.org
    2. http://www.24-7pressrelease.com
    3. http://www.pressbox.co.uk


a. http://www.nowpublic.com

b. http://cnn.com

Get Industry Trend & Updates with News Search:

a. http://www.google.com/news

b. http://news.yahoo.com/

Be a Blogger ..(Blogging References)

  1. How to Search for a Updated Blog Post: (http://blogsearch.google.com)
  2. Subscribe through email for Corporate, Official, and Brand Blog on your theme.
  3. Blog Aggregator & Blog Network Site..

Be Innovative with using Google Search Operator

- Define Operator (Shows details about any keywords)[e.g define:tour]

- Find Duplicates or Submitted Content (“Topic……………………”)

- Search Scope of Your keyword using Wonder Wheel ( More search Tool and click on wonder wheel)

- Allintext: ( when you searching for a document ) [ allintext:India travel luxury]

Be Social ( Engage in social activity to find out, what people searching for ? )

Humor: You can put interesting gossips, Buzz, facts also to make a humorous content..

form of these content as : event, comment, social media post, microblogging..etc..

Reference for above: Twitter, Zimbio, Real Time Searches, Social Media

Google Alerts: Keep Eyes On Changing web

(Set alerts for your industry related keywords and found the new updates by competitors and others in your Inbox..)

Think like a Searcher ….

Posted: Sujit Kumar Lucky


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