Existence Of Offline Web …A another Week In search


How existence of offline web true: what are the things which may be co-relate with with human environment which tends to move on the web.
Just a imagination when your are away from web. maybe you in journey, on way to go office, or celebrating a birthday .. Every action which creates a virtual interpretation of web around you and after that you express all the saved memory on Web.

1) G cached removed IP from his cached page(Old News - I am posting after so many months)
2) Identify your Top performing pages your site from G webmaster central site speed suggestion tool.

3) Is really G caffeine Implemented fast crawling.. Webmasters still experiencing slow crawl rate for the site.
Things to be analyzed..
• Parameters of site indexation changed in new updates ?
• Is caffeine deep crawling reduces overall crawling time ?
• Is real time content crawling getting more priority upon normal static content?
• Is crawling and indexation affecting SERP and Traffic generation from Search engines?

Apart from that “Google Snippets results” and “micro format coding” are making new buzz for webmasters.

Real time search updates seeking new resources in his lobby. May be Google Buzz getting more priority on tweets generated results.

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