Really! Web Page Speed Is A Parameter For Getting Top SERP Positions Or Not ? Page Speed Issue Uncovered


Google ranking takes lots of parameters to provide ranking for a web page. Google already announces for taking Site Speed in considering Ranks in SERP. But problem is what factor should come to analyze and Implemented to get optimized one. So it’s time to come together and let making web innovative.
  • What Need To Be Done?
  • Where we can start?
 And how much improvement requires to minimize load time and page efficiency…
So here is a small statistics:

  Set a range with comparing Minimum and Maximum Page Weight and try to lies your page weight between them.For e.g keep your page weight between (7 Kb - 332 Kb).

Before Going 4 Work Webmasters must see this Video.

 Things To Be Implemented :
  •     Defer loading of JavaScript
  •     Optimize caching
  •     Leverage browser caching and Leverage proxy caching
  •     Progressive Rendering : Capturing and analyzing browser paint events using Page Speed Activity
  •    Enable GZIP Compressions
Tools & Resources to get started:

-    http://code.google.com/speed/page-speed/ ( Google Tool to measure web page performance)
   http://getfirebug.com/ ( great tool to analyze site activity over browser and explore more hidden parameters of web page performance)
   http://www.webpagetest.org/test ( A Complete test metrics to show the web page performance  over various checklist data)
-    http://developer.yahoo.com/yslow/ (yahoo site performance analysis and reporting tool , easy implemented with Mozilla firefox and firebug)

Resources to get server caching codes and documentations :

So, just take a step to making web innovative and improve your page performance to increase conversion, ROI, site uses and hope so with ranking too.

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