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Multi Sitemap in Multi format : - Working on a multi web page dynamic portal like e commerce product site, never easy for Webmasters, various issue arrived day to day when search crawlers gradually Index your site and really you want to trace such bugs in separate Sections. It also helps you to find out all performing and none performing URL’S with relevant category in which such URL’S resides.

So To do such things you have to create and submit SITEMAP for different categories individually.

After that , analyze the performance and issues individually from Google webmasters tool for such category and re-optimize them with new strategies.

What is Multi format Site map mean : - You can Submit Your SITEMAP in different accepted Format such as RSS Feed, .txt URL list, XML, ROR etc. Keep eyes on each submission with Google Webmaster Central. 

Helps In: 
•    Deep Indexing with each and every product
•    Fast error detection in a particular selected URL’s
•    Get Rid out from large SITEMAP indexation and crawl problems
•    Improve site performance with Indexation and more Indexed pages.

More Web watch in this week

# Google Bookmark - after a long time I uses Google Bookmark and found Google updated this product functionality.Google bookmark comes with List option. Organize your bookmark in list and every List have own name and description.

# Google Blogger Template Designer – A great tool created by Google for bloggers who want to design template from himself. Lots of background images, colors, layouts and several more customizable options are available with this Tool.

# Google Webmaster Verification of Site Ownership using a New way ( Changing DNS Entry).

http://packrati.us - New Twitter Application For delicious social bookmarking of every tweets you post. So create social bookmarking easy on del.icio.us with twitter posting. happy tweeting.

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