Towards SEO In This Week : SEO watch And Stuffs


Starting from Updates I watched
Google webmaster: Side wiki Notes

Labs >> Side wiki: Put Your Side Wiki Notes want to view By users anonymously.

(Contribute with Sidewiki: Create a webmaster Sidewiki entry)

Mobile XHTML/WML and Mobile cHTML

Labs >> Fetch as Googlebot : Mobile XHTML/WML and Mobile cHTML

Look At a glance : Courtesy : Wikipedia

XHTML Mobile Profile (XHTML MP) is a hypertextual computer language standard designed specifically for mobile phones..
WML Wireless Markup Language is a lot like HTML in that it provides navigational support, data input, hyperlinks, text and image presentation, and forms..
C-HTML (short for Compact HTML), also called i-mode-HTML,[1] is a subset of the HTML markup language for small information devices, such as smart phones and PDAs..

oogle Analytics Mobile Visitor Tracking Information

GA >> Visitors >> Mobile

#Mobile Devices
#Mobile Carriers

For Track Mobile user behavior with our site.

Problem Watch :

Problem Around Sitemap Vs Robots.txt and Canonical Pages.

After Submitting Sitemap Google webmaster Reports sitemap URL not properly fetched by Google, Issue some of Pages are Blocked with Robots.txt. Why Robot block these pages, becuase Webpaster reports you have a many copy of same URL, Comes under Duplicate Meta, Description Issue.When Page Analyzed it found Under Canonical Problem.

Plan To Implement : meta name="canonical" content=""

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