Google Buzz – A search giant late entry in micro blogging world.


We know that Google integrated real time search updates in his search and showing the latest updates from twitter in his latest search results. But this update was a platform on which Google launches his more accurate real time updates and “what are you doing” activity in search In the Form of Google Buzz.

Good Move from Search giant to implement micro blogging and social flavour into Google Buzz.

Features I watched:

- Easy authentication with Gmail Login
- More real time (less than 30 second in search)
- Twitter feature (Follower, Followers Included)
- Facebook Wall feature (Link, Video, Image, comments Integration and fetching)
- Yahoo Buzz feature (Like & Unlike features included)
- Manage Connect Your Social Site(Blog, Album, Twitter etc.)

Google Buzz Interface :

Google Buzz Real Time Search Result (Less than in 30 Seconds)

So Find Your People of Interest , Keep Your Google Profile Update..

Do Buzz with Google Buzz Enjoy ..

Posted : Sujit Kumar Lucky


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