Is Google caffeine Implemented ? Google Updates seen- My SEO Experiments


Now we go to talk about Recent Google changes and Updates. AS You seen in my previous post Google went down slow in his crawling process when it update periods came, But now it began to regain its speed. You can say now recession down.

I want to tell you one thing more;
you heard about Google caffeine updates tests,

Here: www2.sandbox.google.com

What More in Google Caffeine as observed.

• More Fast Crawling
• More Deep Indexing
• Real Time Updates even about site blogs and social media too.
• More Search volume usually more than simple one.

Comes to topic as I observe Google Added some functionality of Google caffeine updates in His algorithms within some days. What changes I observe

• Deep Crawling

Test: I had observed that in my many websites number of page cached increase amazingly;
Even figures shows which are unbelievable because my site never shows this figure in last two year.

So, excerpts are Google enhanced his algorithm capability or it may be Bug for few times, wait for …..
Some more general Updates you might be interested

• Google webmaster introduces new features as Malware detection and Fetch as Crawler.
• Google webmaster a new features regulating Dynamic Content and Canonical issues for Dynamic contents.
• Google Can read whole JavaScript’s (My SEO Test).
• Google read content from Cross Browser issue regulating codes(My SEO Test)

Enjoy the happenings and try to find Out Hidden Gems about G…

Posted By: Sujit Kumar Lucky(Web Analyst)


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